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You gave us an estimate of over $2000. Another company did it for $500. Enough said.
Roger Beatty
A Response from: Walt Arvin

Thank you for you comments. Our quote included new openers and the parts that would make your two garage door's counter balance system work properly. We do not like to install new openers on doors with counter balance systems that would void the warranty and prematurely damage the opener. Ultimately the customer makes the choice that is right for them.

Service Provided:
Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

A nice man From your company acme to our home, He told us to fix our garage door it would cost $1300. We decided to wait and think about it. We paid $79 fee. The new repair man just left....he charged us $250.00 and he replaced the springs and the cable and he did NOT have to replace the opener, as your man said would need to be done. Glad we waited well worth wasting the $79.00.
Joyce DiMott
A Response from: Walt Arvin

I am sorry you did not feel that you had a good experience. You did, however, leave out details that change the whole story. The inspection of your door revealed that the springs, cables, and rollers were extremely worn. Specifically, the rollers were not rated for your door and basically was the catalyst for most of your issues. The pulleys were also showing signs of excessive wear -- and unless replaced would prematurely wear out your new springs. We suggested that you replace all those parts, but also gave you an option to replace the springs and pulleys for nearly the same price that the other garage door company charged you. We suggested a new opener -- due to the fact that the unbalanced door had caused the PVC gears to start stripping (look inside your opener cover and you will see the shavings from the gears). We certainly did not tell you you had to replace the opener or replace the rollers -- they were suggestions. Our belief is that we owe it to our customers to explain what is wrong with their door, offer options to fix it (usually a good, better, best type of scenario) and then do what the customer wants. We believe in educating the customer -- we do not employee pressure sales tactics.

Tom Rinaldi Service Provided:
Broken Garage Door Spring Repair